Salt-Free Water Conditioning

Environmentally Friendly Scale Control

No-Salt Conditioner®

Keep your water handling equipment in top shape and running smoothly with the EasyWater No-Salt Conditioner. Hard water causes scale build-up in water handling equipment, which leads to costly repair or replacement, increased energy costs, and reduced water flow. The EasyWater No-Salt Conditioner eliminates hard water build-up without maintenance, salt or chemicals.


Domestic Hot & Cold Water Treatment for Commercial Buildings:

  Water Heaters
  Plumbing Fixtures
  Ice Machines

  Recirculation Pumps
  Mixing Valves

Industrial Process Applications:

  Industrial process applications where scaling is an issue

“Once Through” Applications:

  Well/Pond/Lake water being used for water cooled condensing or geothermal heat pump
  Well/pond/lake water used for any cooling application
  Heating or pre-heating water using waste heat source


Reverse Osmosis / Deionization

TDS Reduction and Scale Control

Smart Guard 1500


Integrated scale control technology makes SmartGuard RO the only reverse osmosis system on the market that operates efficiently without the need for a softener or chemical pre-treatment. SmartGuard RO offers fully customizable options, including RO, RO + remineralization, RO + deionization and RO + TDS blending to fit your unique needs. Intelligent design allows for easy monitoring and maintenance, and the automatic bypass option means you never run out of filtered water.

500 – 6,000 gallons per day

Coffee Shops
Convenience Stores
Brackish Potable Water

  Machine Shops
Misting Systems
Coffee / Drink Machines

Product Sheet

Series C Closed Loop Treatment System

The Series C Closed Loop Treatment System provides a cost effective, low maintenance, non-chemical treatment for controlling corrosion and scaling. The Series C system removes dissolved oxygen, filters suspended solids to 3 microns and prevents as well as removes insulating deposits.

  Continuous side stream treatment for Removal of dissolved oxygen, Filtration of ferrous metal and other particulate and Removal of existing metal and scale deposits
  Includes EasyWater No-Salt Conditioner model CS400 pre-installed on the supplied stainless steel outlet piping
  Fully programmable with automatic backwashes
  Stainless steel insulated tank
  Easy installation into existing pot feeder piping
  Each tank treats up to 4000 system gallons

Product Sheet

Series C Closed Loop Treatment System

RevitaLife Pro®

Choose reverse osmosis when your application demands high purity or quality drinking water. RevitaLife Pro delivers finished water with the right amount of minerals for your application and a corrected pH, to ensure you get the water quality you need while keeping your water handling equipment in top shape.

100 – 250 gallons per day

  Machine Shops
  Misting Systems
  Coffee / Drink Machines

  Drinking Water
  Ice Machines

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Iron Build-Up

Discolored Water and Stained Fixtures


Iron Shield®

Iron deposits build up in plumbing and water-using equipment and can result in costly maintenance and premature equipment failure. Iron and manganese can also cause discolored water and unsightly rust-colored or black stains on plumbing fixtures, laundry, and concrete walkways, driveways and parking lots. Iron Shield keeps both your plumbing and your image in top shape by oxidizing iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide inside the tank, before they can do damage.

  Protects plumbing, valves and water-using equipment
  Eliminates stains on hard exterior surfaces
  Keeps interior fixtures looking clean


Microbial Control and Safety

Bacteria Shield®

Microbiological fouling can lead to safety issues with processed water. Problems such as pipeline breaks, accidental sewage overflows and other incidents can increase the risk of contamination. Our custom commercial treatment solutions keep you and your customers safe.

Microbial Control Options
  UV Disinfection
  Ozone Disinfection
  Hydrogen Peroxide Disinfection
  Advanced Oxidation


Sediment and Turbidity


Sediment Shield®

Well water, water reclamation and grey water applications can cause sediment, turbidity and other problems. EasyWater has a wide range of advanced commercial filtration systems that can increase productivity and decrease maintenance by providing cleaner water for your operations.

Sediment Filtration Options

  Backwashing Media Filters
  Cartridge Filters
  Bag Filters

  Centrifugal Separators
  Ultra Filtration

Taste and Odor Filtration

Toxin Shield®

Fountain drinks, coffee, drinking water and ice should taste great. EasyWater’s Toxin Shield line removes offending flavors and odors with economical and low maintenance carbon filtration, so your guests enjoy high-quality beverages, and you enjoy the benefit of economical and low maintenance filtration.

For uniform taste across multiple locations or membrane filtration, see Reverse Osmosis.

Perfect for
  Fountain drink machines
  Ice machines
  Coffee machines
  Drinking water


pH Neutralizer

Corrosion Reduction


Acid Shield®

Copper or steel plumbing can be corroded by acidic water, resulting in damage to plumbing fixtures, piping and valves. This may eventually cause premature failure of water-using equipment such as boilers and dish machines. Acid Shield uses a low-maintenance process and a natural calcium compound to raise the pH of acidic water.

  Protects plumbing agains pinhole leaks
  Eliminates blue-green staining
  Raises pH to enable proper removal of iron and manganese, where needed


Motel 6
Whole Foods
General Mills
Holiday Inn
Frito Lay