Case Studies


Let me tell you a little about me, I am a 23 year US Navy veteran with a 4505 code. This code was for boiler water and feed water test and treatment. When our corporate office wanted me to use this product I fought tooth and nail not to put this system in my facility because I do not believe in magic. Well I lost that battle and the system was placed into my system. We were going through boiler heat exchangers at a rate of one every three months. After this system was installed I have not had any exchangers rupture. So I was proven wrong. This system seems to be doing what they claim it does.

James Mize | The GEO Group, Inc.
Clayton, NM


Arby’s Restaurants, a well-known national fast food chain, turned to EasyWater for solutions to their hard water problems. Read more »


Firehouse Subs
Hard water was a big problem for Firehouse Subs in Chandler, AZ. Food steamers and holding units required difficult maintenance in order to remain operational… Read more »


Machine Shop
A precision machine shop in New Hampshire had a costly and time consuming problem. The CNC machine they use to fabricate medical products… Read more »


Kite Realty
The Kite Realty corporate office in downtown Indianapolis had been using their traditional water softener for many years, and the facilities engineer… Read more »


Andrew Jackson Condos
Maintaining a salt-based water softener can be difficult, expensive and time-consuming, especially when that softener is serving a 63-unit condo complex. Read more »


We were without a water treatment system in place for 14 months after adding onto our building with a new worship auditorium. In this short time frame we lost a brand new water heater and had other issues (sink aerators clogging, etc). Upon installing the EasyWater System we no longer have any sediment/scale issues in the water as before. I have seen with my own eyes the difference this system makes!

Rick Thompson | Northview Church
Carmel, IN